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Our clients range from sole traders to multi-national corporations. Our highly experienced accounts preparation team can prepare what you need. We can take information from your accounting software or, we can do the bookkeeping required to prepare accounts for you.

  • Year-end Accounts
  • Management Accounts
  • Accounts to be audited
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Jodie Trebert |

Jodie Trebert


Jodie works alongside Sarah on our incorporated businesses and some sole traders producing their end of year accounts and tax computations. She is working towards her professional accountancy qualification. Like many others at KLT Jodie is an animal enthusiast. Her main interest being her beautiful dogs Ziggi, a Bolognese, and Sevé, a Spanish Water Dog. With 6 years of dog shows behind her, she has competed at many shows across the Channel Islands and the UK – including Crufts.

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Chantelle Le Tissier | Director

Chantelle Le Tissier



Chantelle co-founded the practice in 2002 having previously worked in a senior tax position with a large accountancy firm. She maintains responsibility for accounts preparation, as well as looking after all tax related aspects of the business and the day to day management of the practice. Thankfully she is lucky to have a supportive, hard-working team around her so that she can also focus on being mum to four beautiful children.

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Sue Patch |

Sue Patch


Sue is a hard-working part-timer preparing our sole trader accounts and running our client payroll. She is otherwise kept very busy with two self-catering units, helping with her husband’s building business and raising three sons. She is an active member of the Guernsey Women’s Institute and enjoys cooking - Sue’s baking creations never last long in the KLT kitchen!

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Sarah Woodhouse |

Sarah Woodhouse


Sarah mans the engine room for our company accounts production. She works on our incorporated businesses and some sole traders producing their end of year accounts and tax computations. She understands our clients as she comes with a long pedigree in local business having worked internally for both finance and non-finance companies for many years prior to working in practice. Pedigree is an appropriate word to use as Sarah’s main interest outside of work are her lovely Beagles Barney, Biscuit and Mojo. With 10 years of Dog Shows under her belt she has taken her dogs to many shows; in Guernsey, Jersey and the UK – including Crufts.


Year-end Accounts

We can prepare year-end accounts from your accounting records or carry out the book-keeping for you from your source documents (bank statements / invoices etc) and then prepare the year-end accounts.  

We then prepare tax computations and submit the accounts and the tax computations to the Income Tax Office on your behalf.

We can also help with your book-keeping

Management Accounts

Some businesses require more regular financial information and we prepare management accounts for some of our clients at the frequency they require (quarterly / monthly / bi-annually).  

This can contain information tailored to you and your business to enable you to keep track of your business performance and enable you to make more informed management decisions.

Accounts to be audited

Some of our clients ask us to prepare accounts which then need to be audited.  Our qualified audit practitioners also get involved at the accounts preparation stage to ensure that your accounts are presented in the correct format and with the right backing information to make your audit go as smoothly as possible.

We also carry out audits on accounts prepared by third parties.  

Need Audit services?

Cloud based accounting

We use the latest accounting and IT solutions to provide a seemless solution to your bookkeeping and account needs.  We are certified advisors for the Xero accounting platform which enables you to access your accounting records from any internet connected device.

If you would like to discuss your requirements or find out more about how we can help please don't hesitate to contact us.

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